Case Study.
The Brief.
By Timeless did it again. LotusCure approached our team with the task of rebranding their spa and creating a website that could better appeal to their holistic essence and audience.
What We Did.
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    The Problem.

    LotusCure’s current website had no way of collecting leads. It also didn’t provide a method for prospects to contact them with questions, so they struggled to bring in consistent clients.

    They were also unsure who to market to.

    After a detailed brand and website audit, we discovered that LotusCure had no clear brand identity. They also had an outdated website that lacked the style and user experience focus required to scale their client list and appeal to a holistic audience.

    The Solution.

    LotusCure required a complete brand redesign from top to bottom as well as a new website with a user experience reflective of their ideal holistic user.

    We designed a detailed website equipped with a lead generation plan that’s based on competitive analysis.

    We took the core elements of their company and added a well-needed twist to make it feel more human-centered, wholesome, and holistic.

    We helped them build an identity around finding their healthy inner self, so they can bloom like a lotus flower. We used a warm shade of gold and white for their brand to symbolize “health is wealth” and internal “purity”.

    The Result.

    LotusCure was a challenging project, as we were tasked with making sure we effectively appealed to a holistic-centerd audience.

    However, once we got the audience down- we were set to go. We designed and developed the website in just a weeks and included a new and gated client portal, and exclusive community platform in the process to make the user experience streamlined.

    Visitors can view immediate company updates, book consultations, and quickly receive answers to their questions.
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