Case Study.
A Place of Hope
The Brief.
A Place of Hope wanted to change their brand’s narrative, so it was only right to reach out to the By Timeless team. We repositioned their brand and created a website that could get them in front of the right audience so they could acquire accurate leads and scale fast. It’s safe to say we succeeded.
What We Did.
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    The Problem.

    A Place of Hope’s current website lacked a brand/visual identity that was cohesive to the theme of their brand “hope”.

    They also had no way of collecting leads, which limited their client acquisition. On top of that, their website didn’t provide a method for prospects to contact them with questions, which added to their struggle of bringing in consistent clients.

    They were also unsure who to market to, which was resulting in failed campaigns and wasted ad spend.

    Another key aspect they lacked was a logo which interfered with their brand’s recognition.

    The Solution.

    By Timeless did an intense brand and user audit and surveyed over 500 home health care participants.

    We gained insight into what they like and dislike about current competitors’ websites and we converted that data into a seamless user experience that we are more than proud to claim.

    We also saw it fit to create a visual identity that better exuded the theme of “hope”.

    The Result.

    Now it was time to flip the script and create a brand redesign and new website that would better appeal to their ideal user base.

    We created a new visual identity, a new logo, and a new and detailed website equipped with a lead generation plan that’s based on competitive analysis.

    We took the core elements of their company’s background and added a well-needed twist to make it feel more peaceful and hopeful.

    We also helped them build an identity around centering one’s self and always remaining peaceful no matter their situation.

    Now, website visitors can view immediate company updates, book consultations, and quickly receive answers to their time-sensitive questions.
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