Case Study.
1 Heart Home
The Brief.
The By Timeless team had the opportunity to design, develop and launch an updated website and overdue rebrand for an established home health care company.
What We Did.
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    The Problem.

    A rising health care brand was losing clients fast. The reason? They weren’t appealing to the actual decision-makers: the family members.

    After a brand and website audit, we discovered that 1 Heart Home had no clear brand identity. They also had an outdated website that lacked the style and user experience focus required to scale their client list.

    Their website also didn’t have any forms for prospects to book consultations or contact them with questions.

    The Solution.

    We took the core elements of their company and added a well-needed twist to make it feel more sentimental, warm, fresh, and relevant.

    We helped them build an identity around the positive impacts of good health and the benefits of home health care, and how it grants elderly seniors the luxury of extra quality time at home with their loved ones.

    We executed a daring visual identity rebrand, redesigned their website and logo, and created a campaign centered around the idea that “Good Health Is Priceless Luxury”. The concept didn’t put too much of an emphasis on 1 Heart’s services, instead, we focused on close-ups of healthy seniors and how happy they were to be able to spend time with their loved ones in the luxury of their comfort zones.

    The Result.

    1 Heart was a large-scale project, equipped with setting up links and redirects from private client portals to the new design.

    We designed and developed the website over a few months and included a new and gated client portal and exclusive community platform in the process to make the user experience streamlined.

    Visitors can view immediate company updates, book consultations, and quickly receive answers to their questions.

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